The Prevacus Team

  • dr-v

    Jacob Vanlandingham, Ph.D.

    Dr. VanLandingham is currently an Assistant Professor for the Florida State University Department of Biomedical Sciences.

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  • michael-l

    Michael Lewandowski

    Mr. Lewandowski is an entrepreneur with over 37 years of pharmaceutical development experience working with pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations in developing small and large molecule drugs.

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  • megan

    Megan Deane

    Miss Deane brings over ten years’ experience in the hospitality industry, as well as management skills from a variety of business operations.

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  • Steph

    Stephanie Ulloa

    Stephanie Ulloa oversees company communications and investor relations.  She also ensures that our website and social media sites are an accurate and valuable resource, and that our communications to investors are clear, candid and timely.  Additionally, Stephanie works with our vendors and performs all event planning for Prevacus. We encourage you to contact Stephanie with […]

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  • marc

    Marc Cantillon

    Dr. Cantillon is a pharmaceutical physician executive with over 16 years of broad experience across multiple critical functions.

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  • deepa

    Deepa Deshpande

    Dr. Deshpande is providing guidance for the Regulatory pathway to get a drug approved by the FDA.

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  • daniel

    Daniel Levy

    Dr. Levy’s role is to manage the synthetic process development of PRV-001 with the goal to optimize the process for yield and manufacturing cost.

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  • scott

    Scott M. Wheelwright, Ph.D.

    Dr. Wheelwright is our lead consultant for CMC, including manufacturing and quality assurance.

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