A New Way to Care for Young Brains

The drumbeat of alarming stories linking concussions among football players and other athletes to brain disease has led to a new and mushrooming American phenomenon: the specialized youth sports concussion clinic, which one day may be as common as a mall at the edge of town.

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Mind Control

Inside the autopsy room of the San Diego County medical examiner’s office, Bennet Omalu, a forensic pathologist, carefully sliced Junior Seau’s brain with a long knife. It was late morning on May 3, 2012; Seau’s autopsy, which began just after 9, was nearly over. Omalu wore dark blue scrubs, rubber gloves and a clear plastic face mask as he went about his work in the cool, windowless room, picking up half of Seau’s brain and placing it in a small tub filled with formaldehyde and water.

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The Science of Concussions and CTE

The NFL faces an uphill battle protecting players from head trauma and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CrimeTime31 is a real neuroscientist and is here to offer a boiled down perspective of what CTE is and the potential implications for football as we know it. This is not funny

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