Dr. Jake VanLandingham: “It’s Time to Change the Way We Treat Concussions, Not the Game of Football.”

Tallahassee, FL – Dr. Jake VanLandingham, an expert in the field of neuroscience and Founder and President of Prevacus Inc., a Florida-based pharmaceutical company currently developing the first field-deliverable drug to treat concussions, said the new rule issued by the NCAA to protect athletes from concussions reiterates the importance of developing a treatment to the long-term negative effects associated with mild traumatic brain injuries:


“While equipment changes and new rules could certainly improve player safety, the reality is that in order to preserve the game of football, we first have to mitigate the negative neurological effects of concussions,” said VanLandingham.  “At Prevacus, we are developing a new drug that treats concussions from the moment of impact so that we can protect our athletes as well as the game we all love.  It’s time to change the way we treat concussions, not the game of football.”


VanLandingham, who has been developing the new drug since 2006 and serves as a professor of neuroscience at Florida State University Department of Biomedical Sciences, founded Prevacus as a spin-off company from Florida State University.


VanLandingham noted that Prevacus’ new drug will serve as a safe treatment to reduce the swelling, inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain to minimize not only the negative effects of concussions, but will also help athletes recover faster and more readily return to the field of play. 


“Our drug will be a game-changer in the way we treat concussions,” said VanLandingham.  “It will be a staple in every trainer’s bag, every ambulance, and every first aid kit.”


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